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Go beyond financial/economic results for more holistic measurement of your organization's community impact

While economic viability remains the most pressing priority for travel in the near term, there are also long term issues that no one can afford to ignore. True progress on topics such as diversity, equity & inclusion and environmental sustainability will require more than good intentions. As organizations rebuild, it is the perfect opportunity to build new principles into the way business is done.

We believe that a more holistic understanding and definition of impact is a critical first step toward change. By leveraging a balanced approach, iolite can help you determine your starting point and track your organization's progress in actualizing your social impact objectives.

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It has long been known that the travel sector is an exceptional creator of jobs. Beyond their massive volume, these jobs provide great upward development opportunities for people across race, gender and education. While the industry has a long road ahead regarding diversity, equity & inclusion, viewing your organization's impact through this lens is a critical step toward meaningful progress.


Some environmentalists are claiming travel is bad for the environment. Providing information to help understand the actual impact travel has (compared to other activities) can provide the right context for people to make choices and tradeoffs they can feel good about.


Travel and tourism organizations not only generate tax revenue, they also enhance their local communities in countless ways. Engage local stakeholders to define and track your community impact and representation.


Tourism is the essential vehicle for people to engage with different cultures, fostering understanding and good will. Gain an understanding of the role tourism plays in perceptions about your destination, culture, products and services.


Wherever your organization is with its sustainable development efforts, iolite can help you on your journey to building a robust set of initiatives that are measured by evidence-based results.

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