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iolite group helps travel and tourism organizations define, achieve and measure sustainable success.

According to legend, ancient sailors used iolite's ability to polarize light to help them navigate unforgiving seas. Across cultures, iolite is recognized as a vision stone that represents intuition, lucidity and balance.

Inspired by our namesake, iolite group provides clarity for travel and tourism organizations that are navigating unprecedented challenges.


Our business is new, but we are not new to this business. The iolite team is comprised of well-established leaders in global strategy and primary research who have provided best-in-class services for decades. From startups to household name brands, organizations across the industry have relied on us to achieve exceptional results.


Our objective is not solely to help our clients achieve financial/economic growth. We believe that generating positive, measurable community impact is also an essential part of what it means to be successful. Wherever you are starting from, iolite can help you on your way to more equitable, sustainable growth.


Carroll Rheem


Founder and CEO

Carroll is one of the most trusted and recognized thought leaders in travel & tourism. For nearly 20 years, she has drawn on her expertise spanning marketing strategy, consumer behavior, economics, and data analytics to generate actionable market intelligence with a distinctively holistic perspective. Her career-long passion for creating clarity and insight into the industry's ever-changing operating environment has led countless organizations to better decisions.


Before founding iolite group, Carroll headed insights and analytics at Brand USA, consumer research at Phocuswright and distribution strategy at Starwood Hotels & Resorts.  She holds a BA in Economics from New York University and a MMH from Cornell School of Hotel Administration.

Diane Shuart


Head of Operations

Diane brings many years of operational management experience to iolite group. As part of the founding team at Phocuswright, she was most recently responsible for managing the day-to-day functions of its research department, as well as overseeing partnerships with its team of global analysts. In her role at iolite group, Diane draws on her extensive project management expertise to help clients achieve their goals and deliver great experiences every step of the way.



Contributing Expert

Lorraine is a travel industry specialist and founder of Phocuswright's Research practice. She has tracked the 20+ year rise in online travel, providing the industry with powerful, forward-looking insights that have defined her as one of the most influential voices in the industry. As a writer, speaker, and independent analyst, Lorraine continues to define critical industry and consumer trends as the market evolves.



Contributing Expert

Cathy is an independent analyst who has been studying the global travel industry for two decades. A longtime Phocuswright contributor, she launched the company’s technology research subscription. She has worked for clients spanning global markets and travel segments, including tourism organizations, technology companies, travel suppliers and intermediaries. Her areas of expertise include marketing and distribution strategy, traveler behavior and emerging technologies.

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